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At Abbcon we are of the opinion that stamp duty changes and foreign investment lending rules are mostly responsible for changes in the property market, which show an increased proportion of first […]

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Tax Depreciation Schedules Split 50:50 Increase Joint Owner Deductions

Splitting Tax Depreciation amongst multiple owners can improve your bottom line

One of the lesser known benefits of being a joint owner of an investment property is that the depreciation claims can be higher overall when split between two or more owners. Splitting a Tax Depreciation Schedule between joint investment property owners will optimise deductions for […]

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Budget 2017 Impacts Residential Tax Depreciation




Residential tax Depreciation Slashed by Federal Government Legislation 2017
The federal government changes to the depreciation of plant which were proposed in the May budget were passed by the senate on 15th November 2017.
A number of property investors have contacted Abbcon Associates as experts in preparation of Tax Depreciation Schedules, to discuss how these changes may affect them.
The good news for investors is that residential properties purchased ( contracts exchanged) prior to 7:30pm on 9th May 2017 are unaffected by the changes, as the prior legislation has been grandfathered.

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Tax Depreciation Schedules Prime Cost v Diminishing Value?

What does it mean and what is the difference?
To put it simply, the Prime Cost method gives you equal deductions each year for the effective life of the article.

Whereas the Diminishing Value method gives higher deductions in the earlier years.

The majority of investors choose the Diminishing Values method.

The significantly higher deductions in the first five […]

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Tax Depreciation Schedules for Older Properties

Tax Depreciation for Older Properties
Tax Depreciation Schedules for Older Properties
A common misconception is that there is little or no depreciation that can be claimed on older properties.
In fact depreciation on plant and equipment can be claimed regardless of the age of the property.
Tax Depreciation on Plant & Equipment
Division 40 and 42 […]

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Introduction to Tax depreciation Schedules

“Tax Depreciation Schedule was never mentioned to me by my accountant when I purchased my rental property” is what I hear from many property investors I meet. So they ask, “What is a Tax Depreciation Schedule?”
What is a Tax Depreciation Schedule?
To put it simply, it is an assessment of the decline in value of every […]

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